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About Masks For Music

The music industry has been shocked by the global pandemic.

Huge financial pressure is being applied across the industry due to the global crisis and there is no fast resolution for this due to the restrictions on large gatherings.  We designed #Masksformusic to support the music industry and answer a specific ongoing public need for protection against the spread of infectious diseases. 

#MasksForMusic is designed to:

1. Offer direct support to your favorite artists, organisations, industry professionals and venues

2. Raise awareness of the impact on the music and live events industries

3. Answer a specific ongoing public need for protection against the spread of infectious diseases, while keeping money within the industry.

Any artist, label, club, live venue, festival or organisation related to the music industry can generate their own link to sell a #MasksForMusic pack. 

You can support them by following the Bitly link they post on social media, in communications or in messages. When you arrive on the site, if you make a purchase, they will automatically receive 50% of the proceeds. 

For every package sold:

50% of the sales goes to the referrer
10% will be donated to our charitable partners
21% covers the production costs
19% is to cover our operating costs

If you are an artist, organisation or venue and would prefer income from sales generated through your link to be donated to the charitable organisations within the music industry we support, or someone else who is simply more in need right now, then let us know after you register. 

Artists will also be able to contribute to the project by producing content and can offer their support through donations to the project, once the economy recovers. 

If you would like to get in touch for any reason, please contact