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Custom Masks



Option 1: Brand Collaborations
Masks sold digitally via 

  • Masks For Music will create the render and product images for them to approve
  • If you would like a production sample, it will take 2 weeks to deliver for approval
  • Your own mask design will be publicly listed, so any partner can make a sale of that design on the site - all these sales count towards the 500 packs
  • You will receive 50% of the income from any online sales generated from your partner link.
  • Partners will be able to announce the mask exclusively at a date and time of their choosing
  • Masks For Music will handle fulfillment, shipping, manufacturing and the renders

Option 2: Bulk Order
Masks sold digitally via
Masks sold physically via 
your sales point.   

  • If you would like to sell masks at a physical sales point, we’re more than happy to help facilitate this
  • Our minimum order quantity is 500 Masks
  • Delivery time from approval of sample is 2 weeks
  • If you place a bulk order, we will also list your mask design on
  • This is an exclusive online listing, all digital sales must be via Masks For Music - therefore you can sell or distribute your order of masks only via physical outlets
  • You will receive 50% of the income from any online sales generated from your partner link
If you would like to order your own mask design in bulks, please contact


  • We currently offer two different fabric masks: one is a two layer fabric Cotton-Polyester Mix mask, and the other one is our Eco Mask with Two-layer 100% eco-cotton fabric.
  • You'll create your custom design and send us the print ready version.
  • Any partner signed up to sell masks via the website will be able to make a sale of your mask design.
  • We can also provide an Instagram Face Filter of your mask.
Our masks are:
    • Reusable
    • Adjustable Earloops for a comfortable fit
    • Hand-made ethically in fair trade conditions
    • Machine and hand-washable in warm water
    • Plastic-free shipping